How to Finally Start Meditating

Everywhere you turn these days people are singing the praises of meditation. But where do people find the time to meditate, and how do they turn it into something they do on a consistent basis? If you’ve read any of the great work by the reigning champions of habit formation, BJ Fogg and James Clear (and if you haven’t, I suggest you do), you know the main thing you need to form a new habit is an anchor or existing habit to stack the new one on top of to make it stick.

I tried anchoring the meditation practice to variety of things I do every day — getting out of bed in the morning, getting in to bed at night, drinking my morning coffee, or preparing my lunch each day…..and none of those seemed to work. Then I thought about a 5-10 minute activity that I did every day where I’m usually wasting time scrolling on my phone that I could sub out for meditation, and bam! It finally stuck. So what is this 5-10 minute or so activity most people do every day where almost everyone is just scrolling on their phones? You guessed it — bowel movement mindless minutes became bowel movement mindful minutes. I use the 5 or 10 minute meditations on the Peloton app, but there are lots of great meditation apps or meditation videos you can use. You don’t even need an app either — you could just close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

At this point I’ve been meditating every day for the past 6+ months straight……and have significantly reduced the amount of time I waste on social media in the process. That’s a pretty nice win/win if you ask me.

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